Introducing My Mom and her Audeo Ventures

In addition to being the Territory Manager for the state of Virginia at Phonak, I am also the daughter of a wonderful woman who is currently wearing the new Audeo V90 10 (yes, ruby red!) hearing aids. My mother has a moderate to severe sloping hearing loss in both ears. Her hearing loss began years ago and has been slowly declining the past 8 years since she was originally fitted with hearing aids. I tell you, it has not been an easy counseling process, getting her to wear her hearing aids regularly, but now, she can’t take them out! Here is what she has to say…


This is my 3rd set of Phonak hearing aids in the past 8 years, each of which has brought a major improvement in my ability to hear. Since having hearing aids, I realized there was an incredible variety of sounds that I was missing. Voices and environmental sounds that I could not hear before were now back in my life!

Since getting the most recent pair of hearing aids, I am amazed at the clarity of sound. The other hearing aids sounded a little more like a microphone. This sound is clearer, no static, not too loud, not too soft. In the car, there is no override of outside sound, so I don’t have to adjust them in the car, which has been really nice.

At home, I don’t have to use the monitor to hear my granddaughter cry when she wakes up from her nap. I can hear her from anywhere in the house! My granddaughter is just starting to have her own little language, and I don’t know if I would have been able to distinguish her “words” without these new hearing aids. I am getting all of her silly little intonations! It’s really fun.

I actually forgot to put them in one day and only made it a block in the car before turning around to get them!

I go shopping quite often. In the past, I would respond to what I thought the clerks were asking. Often I responded inappropriately and felt foolish when I realized it. I feel I am able to respond properly to retail clerks and actually give them the response they ask for now. I can hear people from behind me. When they ask a question like “can I help you?” I actually understand, I don’t just hear voices, I can make out all the words.

When we were sitting at the dining room table on Christmas eve, there were a lot of conversations going on around me, and I was surprised that I was able to stay focused on my conversation. I was not distracted by other sounds/voices around me.

What I also really like is the ability to turn down my husband’s TV shows with my hearing aids and him not even knowing! It is so easy to change the volume on these tiny hearing aids that I can very easily skip the sporting events! I used to take them out for that.

These are great. They just fit, behind the ear and in the ear. I can’t imagine them ever sticking out. Even with my glasses’ frames, there is no interference! They are a really good fit. They’re actually so comfortable and small that I fall asleep in them. [Note from me: not that she should, if you only knew how many earrings she has lost while sleeping…]

We went to see a play, and though we were close to the last row I didn’t miss any of the dialogue. I would say that before, at the same theatre, I would sometimes miss parts of conversation.

There were sounds that used to be unnatural or annoying to me at the house, like creaky steps and microwave beeps. I actually enjoy hearing those sounds with these new hearing aids! The sounds I hear are more distinct, more comfortable.

I feel safer with these new hearing aids too. When I walk the dog, I can hear people walking behind me, kids riding their bikes, cars approaching. It has been such a joy to hear these environmental sounds naturally and clearly.

So, there you have it, the Audeo Venture in a nutshell from my mom. This is actually the first time I believe she is wearing the hearing aids for her and not for me (the annoying audiology daughter) — a resounding success! 

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