Back To School: Real Advice from Parents with Hard-of-Hearing Kids

Heading back to school each fall always brought mixed emotions. Sure, it’s exciting preparing for another year, getting excited to see your friends again and get into a routine, but it could also bring anxiety about the unknown. Will I like my teachers? Will I have friends in my class? Am I going to be able to understand all the formulas in math class?

I assume for parents, especially parents of children with hearing loss, the first few weeks of school can be just as stressful.  How do you ensure you’re giving your child the support and tools they need to succeed in the classroom?

To get some advice, I turned to social media to ask parents to share their best back-to-school tips.


@avery_sportsgirl If you use a FM system, make sure it is charged, and on. Also sometimes I forget to change the program back to normal for school, it will make you think the FM is not working. Make sure you have spare batteries

@remington7s #BatteriesEverywhere #locker #backpack #pencilcase #glovebox #withtheteacher #withtheoffice


When it comes to the classroom, it’s all about access. Phonak has more back-to-school advice and learning strategies that make a difference for deaf and hard of hearing kids on Hearing Like Me.

Learn about the rights and support available for your child in the classroom, how FM technology can help students better connect and learn from their teacher, and tips from a middle school principal about how to survive — even thrive — as a student with hearing loss.

Have anything to add? Tell us your best school tips for hard-of-hearing kids, show off your child’s school style (including hearing aids) or share your stories with us on Instagram using the hashtag #lifeison.

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