Cool Halloween Hearing Aids Prove that Technology Isn’t Scary

Hearing aids can be scary to someone who doesn’t know how they work. So with Halloween just around the corner, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to show kids and their friends that hearing aids are cool!

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Everyday, we work on breaking down the stigmas and negative perceptions of hearing aids, and we celebrate those in our community who are playing an active role in helping their loved ones overcome the negative perceptions of hearing technology. Parents, partners, and the adult children of aging parents can help their loved feel more comfortable with their hearing aids by talking openly about them and educating others.

Our Instagram community is especially great with showing off their hearing aids, so with with some of their awesome photos of their cool hearing aids, we’ve put together a few Halloween costume ideas.

You can see even more ideas on our Pinterest page! Once you’re inspired, don’t forget to show off your Halloween hearing aids with us on Instagram. Just tag us @Phonak and #LifeIsOn!

Happy Halloween!

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