The Day I Heard Santa Claus

It was 6 A.M. on Christmas morning. My brother, Doug, and I had woken up much earlier, but our parents said, “Don’t wake us up before six.” Each minute seemed to drag before, finally, we could spring into our parents’ bed shouting, “WAKE UP! IT’S CHRISTMAS!”

Both of them rolled under the covers, in hopes of grabbing a few more seconds of sleep. My dad cried, “Spirit! Haunt me no more!”, before letting my brother and me climb into bed. It was very easy to fit two parents, a four-year-old boy, a six-year-old girl, and a two-year-old cat under the same sheets. We were all warm, snug, and full of Christmas cheer. Inevitably, my Dad would always ask the same question, and it would always break my heart.

“Did you hear Santa last night?” My dad asked.

“Sure did!” Doug replied.

“Oh…yeah…me too…” I stammered, faking a smile.

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Radio scandal in the 1980s: mother exonerated after the fact

Germany in the 1980s: five boys and four girls are playing hide and seek. Their ingenuity is increasing. They are not just hiding in, under or on cabinets. No, even potted plants, linen drawers and chandeliers are being used as hiding places.

074/365 Hiding under the bed
Photo by Stuart Pilbrow

I am not doing so well, the others usually find me after just a few minutes. But I enjoy myself. Only one thing bothers me. Why does this mother of mine have to start listening to the radio just now? Why does it have to be turned up all the way, and why does it have to be playing public radio tearjerkers on and on? Continue reading “Radio scandal in the 1980s: mother exonerated after the fact”