Innovative “Modern Family” Episode Gets Sound Help From Phonak

Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, so moving abroad and not having access to US television stations was a bummer, until I got Apple TV and I was able to stream my favorite shows again.

A couple months ago, the sitcom made headlines for doing something brand-new for television: filming an entire episode using Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

So when I recently heard that Phonak also played a role in the making of the episode, it was exciting.

It may not be what you expect — Jay hasn’t developed hearing loss and needs Phonak hearing aids, or Luke and Manny haven’t taken part in a wild stunt that left their hearing damaged -– rather, all of the actors used a special a Phonak product called invisity during filming.

Watch Stephen Tibbo, the Sound Mixer on Modern Family, explain in the video below, or read the Phonak press release.