How to Survive Social Circles and Become the Life and Soul of a Party!

Before you continue to read I’d like you to answer two questions.

  • Do you find social events stressful?
  • Are you an audiologist?

If you answered yes to both then read on. I have two simple ways to help you survive the family or the neighbours’ get together using the help of your profession.


1: Keep the conversation flowing

When asked what you do for a job, proudly announce in a loud voice that you are an audiologist. Half of the people in the room will look confused and ask “What is an audiologist?” This is a great conversation icebreaker as you can then go into detail about what you actually do for a living, and everyone knows someone who has a hearing loss.

The other half of the group will respond to your announcement with a ” What?” or “Pardon?” The classic audiologist joke that they think no one else has ever thought of sharing with you. However, smile or laugh and act like it is the most amusing and original joke you have ever heard. Proceed to share funny stories about your daily work and the conversation is guaranteed to flow.

2: The audiology party trick.

Last year I purchased an audiometer app. What a boon this became over the holiday season! All you need is the app on your phone or tablet, a set of headphones with disposable earbuds and voilà! When there is a lull in the entertainment and everyone is out of ideas or tired of charades, whip out the headphones and offer to do hearing tests on people in the room. Everyone gets very competitive in a “My hearing is better than yours” kind of way. Another variation is “Let’s see who still has hearing like an 18 year old medical student?” Guaranteed entertainment for at least a couple of hours, but beware of neighbours knocking on your door for weeks after the party wanting a quick test.

So try out these ideas and see if they help make you the life and soul of a party. You never know, “test your hearing” parties might become the next big thing!

Good luck with your future social events.

3 thoughts on “How to Survive Social Circles and Become the Life and Soul of a Party!”

  1. Great blog post! I’m downloading the latest audiometer app as I write this. I’ve also found that checking on the body language of others at a party is really useful, as it lets me know if the “what?” reply to my “I’m an audiologist” statement was a joke or a genuine misunderstanding 🙂

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