Imagining the Future of Audiology and Fitting

Writing software is great!

You get to tell a computer, a machine, anything that holds some kind of electronic intelligence, what it should do. Isn’t that great and liberating?…

That is, until you start feeling selfish for repeatedly executing this demonstration of power. Then bringing your semiconductor pal into submission ceases to be funny.

Well, unless you do write code for a greater good.

I happen to be so lucky. I do not claim to be changing the world single-handedly… But if what I do indirectly makes someone else’s life a tad better, that’s good enough for me to be happy.

At Phonak, I work in a tiny group whose purpose is to imagine the future of audiology and fitting methods. We’re not necessarily the ones making this vision happen, but it warms our hearts when our ideas make it to the market.

Working on future innovations doesn’t mean we’re mere day-dreamers. The combined know-how in my team spreads from psychology to audiology, from classifier algorithms to intellectual property. My colleagues have the technical know-how to fit hearing aids and the human touch to conduct challenging experiments that elderly people enjoy taking part in. They think about games that could help kids be diagnosed better. They bring tele-health closer to reality, allowing people to be taken care of remotely. They spend countless hours in labs, measuring and testing relentlessly.

Sometimes projects get shut down. C’est la vie. But sometimes a great idea comes through and makes it into a product. And that feels great.

I am thankful to be part of this team. And I hope that my technical mindset can contribute somehow to our common goal.

Better hearing.
One decibel at a time.
One bird song at a time.

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