Open Ears is now HearingLikeMe

We published out first blog post on Open Ears in February 2014, with the hopes of creating a community for people with various levels of hearing loss, who would be supported by the brand that they depend on for their hearing technologies.

Since then, we’ve heard personal stories of how to better communicate with someone with hearing loss, inspirational memoirs of people overcoming  their hearing loss to rediscover their passions,  cool hearing aid decorating ideas, field notes from Phonak volunteers fitting children with hearing aids around the world, advice on how to understand your audiogram, and much more.

We’ve laughed, we’ve shed a tear or two, and (most importantly) we’ve been immensely inspired by those of you who are being open about hearing loss, breaking down stigmas and being proud of using hearing technology.

As our community has grown, so have we, and in the process have decided to build a stronger platform for you.

That’s why as of today, Open Ears will be HearingLikeMe.

You’ll still be able to find the same personal stories from your favorite bloggers and continue to follow their journeys with hearing loss, but now you’ll also get the latest industry news, lifestyle trends, hearing aid tips, and have the opportunity to further personal connections and discussions on the Hearing Like Me forum.

We look forward to growing our community and continue to inspire – and be inspired by – those of you touched by the hearing loss community. We hope you grow, learn and discover ways to hear better than ever before.

See you soon on and make sure to let us know what you think.

What Is This Blog and Who Is Involved?

You’re reading the first post of Phonak’s “Community Blog”. We’re calling it a community blog because it focuses on the interests of the community at large, rather than serving as the official voice of the company, like a regular “corporate blog”.

Phonak Community Blog

It is a growing collection of individual voices, some from inside the Phonak company, others from the larger “hearing” community. We will bring to you personal experiences, as people with hearing loss or audiology professionals, as well as interesting news from the hearing aid and audiology industry, and last but not least, behind-the-scenes information, testimonials and stories from Phonak employees and experts.

As for who is behind this: Vincent Tervooren, Social Media Interactions Manager at Phonak, and Stephanie Booth (yours truly), shipped in to share my blogging expertise and my stories as a hearing aid user. With time, you’ll see other names appear, as we’re starting to round up bloggers and employees interested in contributing to this blog. If it’s your case, let us know!