Hear Haiti: Getting More Than You Give

Open Ears is following a group of Sonova team members as they head to Haiti with the Hear The World Foundation. Carina Rodriquez is the Clinical Manager of Latin America for Advanced Bionics. She is originally from Uruguay, and moved to southern California two years ago.

Day 7:

I joined this Hear the World mission as part of the diagnostic audiology team. Although the daily profession is second-nature to us back in the States, here in Haiti we are learning the true significance of our role. The medical professional aspect of hearing impairment and thinking about it as a “job” seems less important here in Haiti, and it has become an expression of love towards the patients–responding to their needs from our hearts.

Serving at the Haiti Deaf Academy requires us to think more deeply about each individual child we serve, the available resources, and the ability to meet the children’s needs. How can we help them? How can we provide what they really need? These are the questions we are learning to consider in Haiti in order to provide effective intervention.

Sticking to strict protocols and traditional thoughts regarding hearing loss became irrelevant in this context. But the combination of knowledge, experience, sensitivity, and especially the connection with this community, is the perfect “blend.”

The goal of this service to the Haiti Deaf Academy was: to enrich and support the growth of the Hear Haiti project, but  we have discovered something interesting along the way: what we are receiving may be more than we are providing.

The result: improving the quality of life of this community, and especially of our team.

Thank you, Haiti


One thought on “Hear Haiti: Getting More Than You Give”

  1. Que hermoso, no hay más palabras que lo describan.
    Puede y es una experiencia para cambiarnos la vida y para ellos esa es su vida.
    Que padre que estén sensible y abiertos a las necesidades de otros, por que hay que estar en el zapato del vecino para entender que esta pasando, y si puedo ayudarlo que mejor regalo de la vida.
    Un abrazo Cari

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